October 9, 2019

Abbreviations for bachelor thesis create | Word & Open Office


The list of abbreviations is the next step. Content and bibliographies are a must at any housework, thesis and master’s thesis. But sometimes it may also be necessary, in addition to create a list of abbreviations. Whether units, names of academic institutions or labels by custom written research papers creating charts and tables. Especially when many, perhaps even similar abbreviations are used, who are not necessarily in everyday speech, such a list helps to provide clarity.


Both Microsoft Word as OpenOffice does not have a directly pre-format template to create a shortcut directory (as opposed to other types of directories). But

is relatively using an index or a database-table simply create one. Create

abbreviations with Microsoft Word

Unlike a Bibliography or Content there is no direct way to a pre-formatted list of abbreviations in Microsoft Word. Too complicated creation is nevertheless not – one uses this function to insert an index


To generate the list of abbreviations, all must be converted into an index entry Abbreviations used in the text first. First you mark then the abbreviated title and selects the connection in the “References” (in older versions of Word, this menu item “reference” is called) “set record” button.

Fig. 1: Creating an index entry in Microsoft Word

A dialog box in which you can now select the properties of the index. The options to the Page numbering can be neglected for a standard abbreviations, as this is sorted alphabetically and usually manages to reference the abbreviations without references. It is especially important to enter the “cross-reference”, where one enters the expanded form of the abbreviation.

https://writingbee.com Fig. 2: Set abbreviation and its importance

After clicking on “Setting” Word inserts the function into the document. Do not worry, now appears Format and the paragraph marker can be easily hide again and disappear on their own if you print the document or convert to a PDF file.

Fig. 3: Automatically generated design when creating an index entry

If you have entered all used abbreviations in this way into the system, you can create the directory. Right next to the shuttering surface for setting the items, the icon is to insert the index. With one click, the dialog box opens.

Fig. 4: Create List of Abbreviations

Now, to create a classic abbreviations in their typical look, the following settings apply

  • Withdrawn
  • 1
  • numbers right justified: Hook put
  • character: points (. ……)

By clicking “OK”, the directory will be inserted at the previously selected location. The heading “Abbreviations” now must be added manually.

A database file with OpenOffice Create

Even with OpenOffice, there is no template for creating a shortcut directory. Instead of struggling with the here unfortunately often complicated adjustment of other types of directories, then either here at the best back on a simple table. If you want to draw or build for another work in the same abbreviations as the backbone later, the application of an appropriate database worthwhile.

The database menu you call the easiest on my F4 – the search for the right icon in the menu bar can be a bit cumbersome. Above the document an editing window in which the entries can be created for the list of abbreviations appears. By right-clicking on “tables” can be “Edit Database File” menu item.

Fig. 5: List of abbreviations using the Open Office database Create

It opens the window to create the table. To do this select the appropriate option in the menu. In the empty table is the name of the column then transmits the “Field Name” (in this case, for example, “Hot” and “importance”). The field type must be selected “text”; in the “length” you can set the maximum number of each entry. After you save the table and close the window.

Fig. 6: Creating the template


With OpenOffice a database file

Back in the main document, you can now edit the template created and filled in. Unlike the Directory Generation in Microsoft Word you should observe it in this variant, the individual entries are in alphabetical order. An automatic alphanumeric sort, then, is unfortunately not possible. To then add the directory, it is sufficient to pull the file icon to the desired location in the document. This opens a window where all necessary settings (see screenshot).

Fig. 7: Inserting the database

The table thus generated can be quite classic then edit terms font and font size, column width, line color and thickness and so on. In order to get close to the conventional look of a directory, it is advisable to also hide at least the outer borders of the table. Alternatively, insert the records as plain text without grid man – then the distances between abbreviation and explanation only need to be adjusted manually using the tab. The appropriate title may of course in both variants also not missing.

Economical with abbreviations in the dissertation and master’s thesis deal

The creation and design of abbreviations is a little more difficult than you, it is basically used to from other directories. However, just in scientific work, is essential that all writing is comprehensible to an outsider – and that includes just the explanation of the abbreviations used. General common abbreviations such as “example” or “etc” must therefore be listed not necessarily in abbreviations (see Rost 2017:. 338).


Generally applies: disturb abbreviations of any kind actually (albeit unconsciously) the flow of reading and should just when it is not to extravagant long proper names or similar, but are avoided by normal everyday language


You should also always make sure that the directories are considered to participate in a editing the thesis . just here like typos sneak namely one.

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