May 27, 2020

Math and Science Should be the Main Focus in Colleges

You might wonder how somebody would write such a post if they did not study the language.

Well, you are fully justified in your criticism; all subjects including language have their value in education. However, the question here is, do we need to give more importance to math and science as one reaches college?

Well, our first inclination, being good human beings, is that all subjects are necessary. However, before you press the confirm button, it is a good idea to look into the statistics, i.e., math. According to statistics, about 60 percent of all occupations in the US are capable of performing a minimum of 30 percent of their activities with the help of technology, that is, pure science and math. Thus, there comes the insight that whatever your profession might be, you should be prepared to use a significant amount of technology, that is, science and math, to survive.

Obviously, the primary allegation against this view is that life becomes too mechanical if the society is filled with people who only talk of science and math. This is so because the appropriate use of science and math heavily depends on other subjects like social science, history, philosophy, literature, and so on. For example, it is the other subjects like social science that create the right context for science and math to be meaningful.

In other words, science and math are capable of touching the material aspects of life but they cannot truly touch human minds or emotions. This importance of subjects other than science and math can be illustrated with a simple example. When you go to a party, you listen to good music there. What touches your mind? Obviously, it is the quality of music, not the technology that worked in the background, including the musical instruments. Similarly, when you watch a film, what you enjoy is the write my book report film and the artistic skills involved in it, not the technological advancement that worked in the background. Is the message clear?

There is a category that prefers to adopt a soft stand. They claim that both science and art are complementary, and giving unnecessary importance to one is not a good idea. They point out that other subjects, especially art subjects, act as the agents of interaction between people and science. For example, a TV newsreader heavily depends on technology to make the news telecast possible but reading the news is an art, and without this, the advancement in technology would be worthless.

However, these arguments do not, in any way, reduce the importance of science and math in modern-day society. Many of the pressing issues humanity faces at present, including environmental problems, scarcity of resources, crimes, and so on, are in need of finding solutions for which science and math are solely responsible. That means, in the coming days, the role of other subjects in the society will be significantly reduced and science and math are set to play a major role. Therefore, science and math deserve more attention in college education.

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